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Vector VL-AW Adec/W&H spray adapter


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Properly lubricating various types and styles of high and low-speed handpieces can be a challenging task, even for experienced dental technicians. Vector addresses this challenge with a comprehensive range of lubrication adapters, eliminating the guesswork associated with lubrication. These adapters not only enhance office efficiency but also extend turbine life by ensuring proper lubrication, while minimizing messy over-spray commonly encountered with non-product-specific spray adapters.

Product Features:

  1. All Synthetic:
    • We exclusively use synthetic lubricants, avoiding mineral oil-based options.
    • Why settle for a lower-grade lubricant when you can get a superior synthetic alternative? Compare and inquire, “Is it mineral oil?”
  2. Multiple Adapters:
    • The right adapter streamlines the lubrication process, making it fast, accurate, and easy.
    • Choose from a variety of adapters tailored to your specific needs for efficient and effective lubrication.


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