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Vector F4 Non-optic, Access Head, Single Port Spray, 4 Hole Non-swivel


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Introducing our most rugged handpiece, the Vector F-Series, specially crafted for enduring durability, even in the challenging conditions of large group practices, government, or corporate dental clinics. Whether you’re replacing Midwest Quiet-Air or Tradition high-speeds or older KaVo models like the 640B or 642B, the Vector F-Series is an excellent choice. Its traditional styling, grip, and feel ensure a seamless transition. Upgrade effortlessly from your current KaVo high-speeds and discover similar power, torque, and cutting efficiency with the Vector F-Series.

Product Features:

Exceptional Value: In 2001, Vector introduced the F5 high-speed handpiece. Despite subsequent improvements, we continue to offer this handpiece for under $400.00, maintaining the same price range for over a decade. Look no further than the Vector F-Series for a high-speed handpiece with the ideal blend of power, torque, ultra-smooth-concentric performance, long-lasting durability, and a traditional feel.

High-Performance Quick-Connect Swivel: Connects directly to your existing KaVo Multiflex™ swivel couplers. Available with fiberoptic (with light) or non-optic (without light), featuring a swivel connector for easy removal and sterilization between patients. Reduce tubing drag and enhance office efficiency—an essential for every busy dental practice.

Available in Standard Backend: An excellent upgrade for dentists dissatisfied with the performance and durability of their Midwest Tradition™ and Quiet-air bur tool and lever high-speeds. Dentists using canister high-speeds like the Schein Master, Athena/Champion, or Alpha-Air will experience increased durability, improved cutting efficiency, and reduced noise, and vibration.


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