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Veloctiy Extreme Vx9-SLW High‐Speed Handpieces, Optic, Mini Head, 3 port spray, ADEC/W&H RQ-24, VWS6 type swivels


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The VELOCITY EXTREME high-speed handpiece stands as our flagship product, embodying the pinnacle of quality, performance, and value we’ve pursued since our establishment in 2001. Unlike the inundation of generic “Me-Too” handpieces saturating the current market, the Velocity Extreme marks a breakthrough. It sets us apart, transforming us from just another German Handpiece Company into THE German Handpiece Company. Elevate your expectations with the unmatched excellence of the Velocity Extreme, redefining standards in the industry.


  1. Incredibly Quiet:
    • Vector handpieces are ultra-quiet at only 55 dB.
    • Leading the way in quiet air-driven performance.
  2. Powerful & Durable:
    • Produces over 22 watts of power.
    • Precision-engineered spindle, ceramic bearings, computer-balanced impeller.
    • Strong and durable chuck mechanism for smooth operation.
  3. Great Value:
    • Cost-effective compared to national brands.
    • Competitive with KaVo 6500BR (Vx10-SLK) and KaVo 4500BR (Vx9-SLK).
  4. Massively Durable:
    • ENDURO-Silencer turbines for optimal power and silent performance.
    • Sealed ceramic bearings for extra-long durability.
    • New POSI-GRIP push button auto-chuck prevents bur slippage.
  5. Extremely Versatile:
    • Available in popular swivel coupler configurations: KAVO, ADEC/W&H, and NSK.
    • Upgrade without changing tubing connections from these swivel coupler styles.
  6. Innovative Engineering:
    • Quality and features are increased, never compromising on engineering excellence.
    • Stands out from competitors reducing quality and features for a low-cost alternative.


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