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TURBO TORQUE TT-TEP10 Endo Contra Angle w/ 90 degree reciprocating head


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The TURBO TORQUE TT-TEP10 Endo Contra Angle with a 90-degree reciprocating head is a specialized dental instrument designed for endodontic procedures, particularly in root canal treatments.

This contra angle attachment features a 90-degree reciprocating head, which allows for efficient and controlled reciprocating motion during root canal therapy. The reciprocating motion helps in shaping and cleaning the root canal system effectively, enhancing debris removal and disinfection.

With its design, the TT-TEP10 Endo Contra Angle provides dental professionals with precise control and maneuverability, even in tight or challenging spaces within the root canal. The 90-degree angle of the reciprocating head enables better access to difficult-to-reach areas, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the endodontic procedure.

The ergonomic design of the TT-TEP10 Endo Contra Angle ensures comfortable handling for dental practitioners, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged procedures. The lightweight and compact construction enhance maneuverability and control, allowing for smooth and precise movements during root canal therapy.

Constructed from durable materials, the TT-TEP10 Endo Contra Angle is designed to withstand the rigors of endodontic procedures while maintaining optimal performance and reliability.


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