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TPC Dental | Superb Air Oil-Less Air Compressor

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Superb Air Oil-Less Air Compressor

The TPC Superb Air Oil-less Air Compressors meet the high standards of dental professionals, providing the reliability you need from a brand you can trust. The new motor design delivers a reduced noise with a 5-year warranty. The membrane air drying system efficiently filters out compressed air contaminants and moisture from the compressed air. The purge tank removes residual humidity in the compressor following each cycle.

• New motor design to reduce noise and increase reliability
• Quiet operation
• Membrane air drying system to remove moisture from compressed air
• Dry air prevents bacteria growth and air if filtered to 0.01 microns keeping 99.9997% of air contaminants out of your air system
• Energy efficient thermally protected motors Superb Air Oil-less compressors are available in single or twin heads
• 5-year warranty


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