Bien Air Tornado LED High Speed Handpiece, Unifix Connection | 1600908-001


Bien Air Tornado Air Highspeed Handpieces, 1600908-001 LED, 1600907-001 LK

Thanks to a series of proprietary technologies, the Tornado delivers an outstanding power output of 30 watts – the best in the industry today. Operating at an unparalleled 55 dBA sound level, the Tornado skillfully combines performance with user and patient comfort. In this respect, it is no coincidence that Bien-Air chose the Tornado to premiere such features as a new spray/illumination system and an improved bur-locking mechanism.  More reliable – 40% longer life.

*Accu-Chuck PreciPlus™ bur-locking and vibration- canceling system for optimal stability and precision
*SteadyTorque™ technology to reach an unequaled 30 W cutting power
*Accu-Spray Quattro Mix™with LED illumination for superior bur-cooling action and obscuration-free lighting
*Sealed Head™ to prevent fluid infiltration, reduce risk of cross-contamination, and prolong ball bearings’ lifetime
*TotalTact ™ nonslip scratch-resistant coating for ergonomic advantage
*Smallest head for improved posterior access and pediatric use
*Custom-designed ceramic ball bearings for extended turbine life and lower operation noise
*Soft Push™ for quick and easy bur-release
*Cool Touch™ anti-heating feature to assure patient safety


Power (W) – 27/30
Spray outlet – 4 asymmetrical mixed
Noise level (dBA) – 55
Head diameter (mm) – 12.2
Head size (mm) – 13.0 (20.5 mm with bur 19 mm)
Rotation speed (rpm) – 410’000
Light – LED
Light intensity (klux) – Approx 20
Ceramic ball bearings – Yes
Weight (g) – 59/58
Coupling – Unifix/MULTiflex®

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