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Paradise Dental Technologies | Dream of Hygiene™ Kit | R913 PDT


Wishes do come true with PDT’s I Dream of Hygiene™ Kit! This kit was designed by hygienists across the globe with all of the instruments that make their job a dream! From dynamic diagnostic instruments such as the R223 Explorer 23/Probe 12, to fan favorites like the R144 Queen of Hearts™ periodontal curette and the one and only R138 Montana Jack® sickle scaler, this comprehensive kit is sure to be on every hygienist’s wishlist! Click the Best Product image image to see the full evaluation.

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“The PDT I Dream of Hygiene™ kit is exactly that. A Dream! The instruments are held safe and secure in the cassette which prevents breakage in the sterilization process. The instruments are fantastic, light weight and comfortable to hold onto. I especially love the Queen of Hearts™ and the Montana Jack®! Thanks PDT for the kit that makes dreams come true!”      -Erin Haley-Hitz RDH, BSDH, MS. Learn more about the PDT I Dream of Hygiene™ Kit by clicking here!

R061 Barnhart 5-6
R080 Langer 3-4
R130S Jack B. Nimble® Slim
R138 Montana Jack®
R144 Queen of HeartsTM
R167 Explorer ODU 11-12
R223 Explorer 23/Probe 12
R245 Mirror Handle (Cone Socket)
T009C-D Flip TopTM Cassette
T043 Cotton Pliers
T050 #5 (15/16″) Cone Socket Mirror


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