Bien Air MX-i LED Plus | 1600755-001


These are the most powerful implantology micromotors on the market. With their Chiropro L, iChiropro, Chiropro 3rd Gen and Chiropro PLUS 3rd Gen control units, MX-i LED micromotors are redefining standards in implantology. MX-i LED micromotors are first and foremost a model of stability. At both high and low speeds, they offer enhanced working comfort and their high torque copes with the most complex implant insertion procedures. Depending on the desired speed, the power is constantly adapted in order to provide the optimum result. This is thanks to Smart Logic technology. MX-i LED micromotors are available in two different versions adapted to suit the user’s needs: non-self-cooled for implantology procedures, and self-cooled for implantology procedures and oral surgery. Finally, MX-i LED micromotors are equipped with adjustable LED lighting, providing the contra-angle handpiece with intense, natural and constant light at both high and low speeds. Not only are MX-i LED micromotors the most powerful implantology micromotors on the market, they are also the most robust. 3-year warranty.

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