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MK-dent | Prime Line Contra – Angle LP54L With Light

Prime Line Contra – Angle LP54L With Light
5,4:1 Excavation
Coupling Type: Iso
Head Size (MM): Ø 9.8 X H 14.3
Usable Burs: Ca-Burs (ø 2.35 MM)
Spray Outlet: 1 Asymmetrical Mixed
Non-Load Speed (RPM): 7404
Weight (G): 78
Warranty (Months): 24

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Interchangeable Heads
Range of Transmission
Glass Rod Light Conductor
Exceptional Long-Life Gear

Designed for versatility, the interchangeable heads of MK-dent contra-angle handpieces save time and enhance sustainability. A simple turn of the tension ring allows you to choose from various drill heads for different indications. Crafted from stainless steel and coated with titanium or chrome, these heads offer unmatched longevity. The standard gear design ensures a constant speed ratio in the contra-angle handpieces, with options ranging from 1:5 to 14.8:1 for different indications, speeds, and torque ranges. This user-friendly technology is tailored for everyday use.

In the realm of illumination, MK-dent LED and xenon motors, combined with available glass rod fibre optics, provide 100% glare-free light, offering brilliance in the dark. With a colour temperature of 5500 K, the glass rod ensures colour-accurate illumination, providing a clear view of the preparation area.

Exceptional gears lie at the core of every outstanding contra-angle. MK-dent’s long-life gears excel at every angle, fostering complete synergy between dentist and instrument. Engineered for vibration-free performance, these gears boast an improved torque ratio and class-leading precision.


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