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MK-dent | Eco Line HE21 With Light, Standard Head Turbine

Eco Line Turbine HE21 With Light, Standard Head
Coupling Types: Kavo, NSK, Sirona, W&H
Head Size (MM): Ø 12.5 X H 14.3
Power (W): Up to 24
Sound Level (Db): Max. 62
Spray Outlet: 4 Asymmetrical Mixed
Weight (G): 62
Warranty (Months): 18

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  • Automatic Pressure Regulation
  • Reverse Flow Protection
  • Refined Ceramic Bearings
  • Aeroacoustic Blade
  • Next-Gen Carbide Bur Guide

MK-dent turbines epitomize advanced dentistry, delivering unprecedented precision in preparations. The Prime Line’s AeroAcoustic blade pushes aerodynamics to new heights, optimizing airflow. Engineered for durability, its pressure regulation adapts to diverse situations, extending cartridge and bearing lifespan. With a non-return system for reverse flow protection, the Prime Line minimizes particle entry, ensuring easy cleanability. The dental bearings withstand extreme conditions, supported by a corrosion-resistant cage and advanced lubricant. MK-dent’s premium cartridge, featuring the AeroAcoustic blade, produces 25 Watts of power with smooth, vibration-free operation at max. 55 dB. The incorporation of carbide, subjected to intense pressure and heat, ensures perfect concentricity and an unmatched 40 N retention force for long-term precision in dental operations.

MK-dent turbines incorporate aerodynamic innovations centred around a finely balanced cartridge. Achieving optimal balance involves identifying and addressing the heavy spot through a meticulous process. Initially, mass is subtly removed using a precisely calibrated laser, followed by several uncompromising sequences. The outcome is an unparalleled cartridge that extends lifespan, minimizes bur wobble, and reduces noise across a wide frequency range.


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