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ImageWorks | Panoura 18S Pan (with Acq PC)

The ImageWorks Panoura 18S Pan (with Acq PC) has the highest image resolution in the industry. The Panoura 18S is the next generation in digital imaging. The sensor of the Panoura 18S drives the capabilities of the X-ray, with 16 bit contrast resolution, it can display over 65,000 tissue density levels, up to eight times that of a lesser sensor. The higher image quality allows you to more effectively treat your patients. While other panoramic Imaging systems have to convert xray to light before it’s converted to a digital signal that pain or 18s uses a high-sensitivity material that allows a direct conversion from x-ray to digital, without a loss of resolution in the final digital image. The Panoura 18S virtually plug-and-play with almost every software platform around. Lastly the panoramic model is fully upgradeable to 3D so it can grow with your practice.

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Extraoral X-Rays

Panoramic X-rays

The Panoramic X-rays help the dentist have a good look at all of the patient’s teeth in one single x-ray. Panoramic x-rays are used to spot the position of fully developed teeth as well as developing teeth, can help detect impacted teeth, and aids in diagnosis of tumors.


Tomograms help the dentist examine structures of the mouth that are difficult to see clearly because other structures in close proximity block the view. These types of x-rays show a particular part of the mouth that is being examined while blurring out all other adjacent parts.

Cephalometric projections (Ceph)

Cephalometric projections help the dentist develop treatment plans by observing the entire side of the patients head in order to examine the teeth in relation to the jaw and profile.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

CBCT x-rays help the dentist capture 3D images of the patient’s dental structure, soft tissue, nerves and bone. CBCT can help detect problems in the gums, roots of teeth and in the jaw, it also assists with tooth implant placement and can help diagnose tumors in the face and mouth. These x-rays produce a high quality images which makes detecting problems very simple.

What types of problems do X-rays help detect?

X-rays help your dentist diagnose problems in your teeth and jaws.

In adults, X-rays show:

  • Decay, especially small areas of decay between teeth.
  • Decay beneath existing fillings.
  • Bone loss in the jaw.
  • Changes in the bone or root canal due to infection.
  • Condition and position of teeth to help prepare for tooth implants, braces, dentures or other dental procedures.
  • Abscesses (an infection at the root of a tooth or between the gum and a tooth).
  • Cysts and some types of tumors.

In children, X-rays determine:

  • If decay is developing.
  • If there is enough space in the mouth to fit all incoming teeth.
  • If wisdom teeth are developing.
  • If teeth are impacted (unable to emerge through the gums).



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