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Pivot Mount Delivery System

Carpenters need hammers, mechanics need wrenches, and dentists need our Pivot Mount Delivery System. If you’re after versatile flexibility, our pivot mount deliveries are for you. Maximize your operatory space with our ambidextrous traditional delivery setup allowing access from either side of your patient. We’ve equipped it with standard features like a power optic system, standalone water bottle supply, and automatic handpiece control. Like all of our products, we took extra care in specifying parts and materials to ensure you experience the same premium build quality whether your product is fresh out of the box or a veteran in the field.

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  • 3+1 Handpiece setup
  • 2 High Speed, 1 Low Speed automatic handpiece control
  • Adjustable drive air, coolant air, and mist control
  • Pre-installed handpiece illumination system
  • Self contained bottled water system
  • Selectable water source
  • Counter balanced control head arm with brake
  • Ambidextrous assistants instrumentation
  • Wet/dry foot control with chip blower


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