Beyes AirLight M800X-M/K, Kavo® Backend | HP3036X


The well-designed and precisely-manufactured AirLight M800X delivers an extraordinary torque of 27W, ensuring accurate cutting. It is equipped with specially designed X-Ball Bearings for quieter sound and longer life. The handpiece also possesses instant-stop capability (IS Tech) that reduces noise and eliminates backflow. In addition to four specially-positioned water ports guaranteeing optimal cooling, it has an all-new Direct-LED+ that provides a brighter and larger light pattern enabling clinicians with a clearer operative field. The AirLight M800X comes with an extended 25 Months warranty.

Code: HP3036X
Model: M800X-M/K
Connection: Kavo® Backend
Description: Mini Head, Direct-LED+, Quattro Water Spray

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