Beaverstate Dental | Epic Dental Operatory Chair

The Epic Chair provides strength and durability with a solid core and simple design. Guaranteed to lift 600 lbs. with a 5 year warranty on the chair itself, and a 10-year warranty on the electromechanical motors, the Epic Chair is built to provide years of reliable service.

Chair some with sling and vacuum options.

Beaverstate Dental Epic Operatory Chair Standard Features:
Heavy duty cast iron base
Thin back with lumbar support
Double articulating headrest
30″ Rotation left and right of center
Armrest mounted touch pad control
4 manual chair movements, 3 programmable positions and home position
Swing down armrest
Synchronized back and toe board recline
Heavy vinyl scuff guard for toe board
Electromechanical chair operation (110 VAC)
600+ lb. lifting capacity
10 year warranty on drive motors

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